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A wedding is, without a doubt, a significant occasion in every individual’s life. From choosing the right place for your wedding to inviting your friends and family, you may need to look into a vast range of components to ensure that everything you planned for your wedding works out perfectly. One such undeniable and crucial decision you may need to make is to hire a band for playing songs and keeping the audience entertained and ensuring that you have a very dreamy wedding.

Tommy Tsonis is a pioneer in the production of premier Greek bouzouki entertainment Sydney and has succeeded in building a very robust reputation for itself. With our enhanced expertise and peculiarly entertaining and exciting services, you can rest assured that you encounter the most memorable, worthwhile, and fun-loving wedding experience. Bouzouki Player makes it a priority that your wedding goes just the way you wanted. If you are the bride, you might have always imagined cute scenarios of you walking down the aisle to see a beautiful setting and hear soothing music while you walk towards the love of your life.

Tommy Tsonis makes no mistake in bringing your dream wedding into reality. With a few of the most distinctive yet impressive and fascinating skills and services, along with a broadened experience of over 20 years, Bouzouki Player Sydney is just what you need to add a pinch of aesthetic and charm into your ideal wedding. From a vast range of Greek bouzouki shows to authentic Greek bands, Bouzouki Player Sydney has a lot to offer along with its explicitly unique services. Throughout this page, you will learn everything that we offer and everything you need to add that final touch to your wedding.

My Bouzouki Player Sydney – What Do We Do?

In a nutshell, Bouzouki Player Sydney is proudly dedicated to offering a myriad of pleasant and thrilling services to enhance your wedding as a whole. You can now have your perfect Greek wedding entertainment by hiring professional Bongo Players, DJs, Greek Band, Drummers, and much more. Choosing a reliable and top-notch entertainment company for your wedding is but an indispensable factor when it comes to making your wedding nothing but perfect.

Your wedding is an occasion where you make beautiful promises to the love of your life. Here, you confess your love to your partner in front of your friends and family and unite together as one. As beautiful as this sounds, most individuals are very particular about the band that they want for their wedding. While many of you might not accomplish finding your ideal band, Bouzouki Player Sydney gives you the benefit of the doubt. You don’t need to go and search for a top-notch band any further because we are the perfect fit for you.

Here are a few of our services;

1. Bouzouki Player Sydney

Tommy Tsonis is an industry leader in the entertainment field and is proud to offer a few of the best bouzouki shows in Sydney. Throughout the last 20 years, Tommy Tsonis has managed to perform at a plethora of private and corporate events across Australia. From weddings, varied festivals, and even engagement parties, Tommy Tsonis is known to make quite an impression on these occasions with his presentable charm and a commendable talent. You can now hire this extremely talented music artist to make your wedding as ethereal as possible.

2. Greek Wedding Entrances

Tommy Tsonis isn’t the only exceptional benefit of Bouzouki Player Sydney. You can now have your perfect wedding by hiring varied artists who specialize in Zaffet drumming, Greek bouzouki playing, Klarino playing, and much more. With talents like this, you don’t want to miss out on the chance at giving your audience the perfect experience of thrill and entertainment.

Not many entertainment companies give you the sole chance of customizing and personalizing your wedding that you desire. You can now add a personal touch to your wedding’s entertainment aspects to bring a very movie-like yet heartening feel to your wedding. With the exquisite professional Zaffet drummers in Sydney that chiefly specialize in Lebanese and Greek weddings, you can now bring in a roller coaster of emotions and thrills to your wedding.

4. Bongo Player Sydney

A little wedding bongo never hurt anybody. You can hire talented bongo artists to play at your wedding to bring in more enthusiasm and energy into your wedding. Make your wedding a lovely setting for your audience to dance like there is no tomorrow.

5. Live Greek Band

A touch of Greek band is just what you need to make your wedding day much more lively. You can now hire a stunning live band that offers extremely fiery bouzouki shows, ethereal and strong vocals, buzzing drum beats, and a fabulous bass that will give a spectacular feel to your wedding setting. Give this chance for you and your partner and the lovely audience to dance their hearts out and make this day a memorable one.

6. Greek DJ

Well, Well, Well! Are you in desperate need of a DJ for making your wedding one heck of a wedding? The Greek DJ by Bouzouki Player Sydney gives you an impeccable chance at hiring a Greek Dj that primarily specializes in Italian, English, and Greek music. From soft couple songs to songs that will leave you dancing on the dance floor for hours together, the Greek Dj is just what you need to experience all sorts of sappy and romantic emotions throughout your wedding.

My Bouzouki Player Sydney – Our expertise

Bouzouki Player Sydney offers everything you need to make your wedding day an absolutely stunning one. From your ideal Dj to other professional artists, you can choose just what you want. You might have definitely dreamed about your wedding entrance. Now, bring a bit more delight to your wedding by hiring the Greek Bouzouki wedding entrance services to incorporate beautifully soothing music at the entrance of your wedding’s setting so that every individual that enters your wedding has a worthwhile experience.

As far as our expertise, you might be stunned to know that we’ve passionately served our customers for over 25 years, with only the most authentic and remarkable skills and services. You can put all your faith into My Bouzouki Player Sydney, and you won’t be disappointed as all your requirements will be looked upon. Moreover, a very impressive factor that may pique your interest is that My Bouzouki Player Sydney ensures personalizing your wedding to make it substantially unique and, most importantly- Beautiful.

We carry pride in continuing to be a leading bouzouki player in Australia. From choosing your ideal entertainment service, type of artist, sound and lighting aspects, and much more, we’ve got you covered. A few of our popular and meticulously tested services include professional sound and lighting, Bong players, DJs to the rescue, drummers, English, Greek, and Italian bands, and much more. Make your occasion worth remembering. Whether you have a birthday party, private event, corporate event, or an engagement party coming up, sit tight while we bring out the perfect on your occasion.

Know more about Tommy Tsonis

Tommy Tsonis is a professional and globally-recognized top-ranked bouzouki player who has dedicated his life to doing what he loves the most- entertaining people through music. In the last few years, Tommy Tsonis has admirably worked towards performing at several private and corporate events and has consistently managed to bring upon a smile on the audience’s faces. From weddings across the world such as Dubai, England, America, Greece, South Africa, and much more, Tommy Tsonis defines a perfect wedding blast.

Explicitly ethereal wedding locations

When it comes to the wedding and event locations that we offer, you might be awestruck by the options we offer.

  • Jones Bay Wharf

Jones Bay Wharf is one of the most beautiful locations across the world and is chiefly situated in restored ginger wharf over the foreshore of Sydney Harbour’s Pyrmont. The place is incorporated with an astonishingly aesthetic decking area that offers picturesque and panoramic views to the customers.

  • The Grand Roxy

On the other hand, The Grand Roxy is home to a few of the most scenic views of Botany Bay that will leave you feeling stunned. From weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties, events like fundraisers, and much more, this is the perfect location filled with a soothing, warm, and pleasant setting and a broadened range of services to its customers.

  • Sylvania Waters

Another excellent choice for your wedding or other important events is the Sylvania Waters, which is primarily established amidst the scenic Gwawley Bay. It is not only surrounded by an ethereal and charming aura but is a beautiful setting for hosting a wide range of events starting from a wedding ceremony, corporate events or parties, and much more.

  • Hyde Park

We are all familiar with Hyde Park. Doltone House Hyde Park is a sophisticated and modern venue that is situated across Sydney’s Hyde Park. Along with an architecture that will leave you admiring the place for the longest time, this place is substantially huge and is suitable for varied big and small private or public events.

Professional Team

Another very appealing feature of My Bouzouki Player Sydney is that we offer a multitude of talented artists to give your wedding the perfect touch it needs. From a vast range of genres to languages like English, Greek, and even Italian, you can choose the type of band or artist you most desire so that your wedding day is filled with charm, buzz, and, most importantly- a feel that you’ve never encountered before. While this is going to be a day filled with endless emotions, we will provide you with the services that will discard the need for second-guessing your decision. Encounter a day like never before and carry endless cute and beautiful memories that you will remember for the rest of your life.


One of the prime reasons that set us aside from most entertainment companies is that we have a lot of services to offer that are nothing like your traditional entertainment company services. You can choose from several options such as the type of artists, sound and lighting professionals, bands or individuals players, and much more. While weddings are the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime-occasions, we give you the opportunity of taking along this day with you for the rest of your life.

Customised services

As previously stated, we prioritize offering our customers just what they want. It comes as no surprise that all of us have specific requirements and fantasies when it comes to our wedding.

My Bouzouki Player Sydney wants you to bring your ideal vision of a dream come true and is thus willing to go any lengths to make it happen. Thus, you can deliberately get in touch with your hired artists to give them a glimpse into your requirements so that they can work on them.

Don’t believe in the myth that dreamy weddings only happen in movies. Bouzouki Player Sydney is here for rescuing your wedding and making it an authentic and fun-loving one. We have something special in store for the bride and groom and every individual involved in the wedding. As a leading Bouzouki Player in Australia, we want you to have a day worth remembering. Now, hire your ideal bouzouki player, zaffet drummers, bongo drummer or Greek Live band and make your wedding day full of happy and thrilling moments (and surprises).

Contact My Bouzouki Player Sydney today and let’s make your next wedding event in Sydney or Melbourne just one to remember.

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