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A Greek wedding is never complete without professional Greek Entertainment, dance the night away with a real entertainment experience which you and your guests will remember for a very long time to come. Tommy Tsonis has been in the field of greek wedding entertainment catering for weddings, engagements and more for a very long time and is now renowned for the fabulous services offered for certain events like parties, weddings,birthdays,corporate events as well as private functions. His services also extends to Zaffet and bongo player, drum player (zaffet drummers) DJ, MC, and many more.



Whatever your preference, we’ll help you create your own Sydney greek wedding entertainment experience. We tailor their zaffa services to meet the demands of our clients. They have customisable line-ups, performance lengths, and much more than can be discussed upon booking. Bouzouki player Sydney Tommy Tsonis Entertainment can also provide zeffe drummers for Greek wedding entrances. Our sensational zaffet drummers, and musicians are professional entertainers who deliver a phenomenal performance every time they take to the stage, and they are bound to leave a lasting impression on guests at your wedding as they provide a wonderful live event. What makes Bouzouki player Tommy Tsonis unique and phenomenal when performing is that he puts on a energetic, breath taking show filled with flair and enthusiasm. Tommy Tsonis Entertainment prides itself on supplying premier entertainment, and it has built a reputation to earn your event nothing less than unexpectedly memorable.