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Want To Add Extra Spice To Your Greek Wedding Celebration?

Music is a universally understood language across all age groups. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the lyrics of the song. If you’re in sync with the rhythm, beat, and tempo, you understand and enjoy it. Music is the connecting bridge between two strangers and even between people who know each other on various occasions such as weddings and corporate events. Weddings are a significant part of every culture. In such an auspicious and cheerful environment, how can music be left behind?

Since ancient times, Greeks are famous for their exquisite art and culture. Greek music forms a significant part of not only the Greek’s art heritage but also the world’s music history. Picking our Greek music for a wedding is perhaps the most exciting and confusing task. There are so many joyous Greek wedding songs you wish to play at your wedding. To make things uncomplicated for you, My Bouzouki Player Sydney presents you with the top-notch Greek wedding entertainment in Sydney.

My Bouzouki Player Sydney curates a customised list of songs to play at your Greek wedding. Here are some Greek wedding entertainment services we provide.

Magical Greek wedding entrances

Wedding entrances are perhaps one the most memorable moments in the entire wedding. While planning your Greek wedding in Sydney, Darwin, Perth, and other Australian cities, you might not have the time and energy to plan a grand wedding entrance. Hence, to take some load off from your wedding planning, the company offers to take care of your entrances’ needs. You can have a personal discussion with them to make them understand the type of entry you desire.

My Bouzouki Player Sydney gives it all – from low-key slow entries with soothing background music to a grand entry with lively peppy music. For the rest of your life, you are going to remember the song or the rhythm of the music, you entered your wedding venue or walked down the aisle. You can’t afford to regret even a minute of it. The Greek wedding performers understand this and thus play their instruments with full sincerity and devotion to make this memory pleasant for you and your beloved ones.

Zaffa up with Zaffet drummers

Zaffet drums are popularly played at many weddings across the globe. The traditional drums, combined with a modern-day twist, create an extraordinary atmosphere of joy and laughter. Greek entertainment in Sydney is not complete without a touch of Zaffa. To make sure you undergo every aspect of Greek entertainment, My Bouzouki Player Sydney has a team of highly experienced Zaffet drummers. With their creative music skills, they personalize the beats or the music for your wedding day. These drummers specialise in both Lebanese and Greek weddings and play across many Australian cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth and Sydney.

Classic Greek Bouzouki

What is better than Tommy Tsonis playing live at your Greek wedding Sydney? With over 20 years of experience, Tommy has been considered one of the greatest Bouzouki players in Australia. His unique bouzouki skills and devotion to musical art have made him a critically acclaimed international Greek entertainer in Sydney and other cities throughout the globe. His music is a blend of contemporary songs, Greek classics, famous pop hit songs, and world music in general.

The artistic fusion of these songs is enough to fill your ears with the most fascinating music sensations you have ever experienced. Tommy’s savvy personality, integrated with his versatile music, is an idealistic fit for your Greek wedding. Another great trait of Tommy is his exceptional people skills. He knows how to win the audience’s hearts with his personality and music. He keeps the audience engaged by either directly interacting with them or engaging with his music. You are guaranteed an overall enhancement of mood on your wedding day with one of the best Greek entertainers Sydney playing live at your wedding.

Turn up the noise with an in-house DJ and MC

A Disc Jockey is a millennial way of partying. Any club, disco, party, bar mitzvah you attend, you will find a skilful DJ. Popular music genres like EDM and Techno owe their popularity to DJs with remarkable skills. After a long process of scrutinising and evaluating the budding talent in this field, the company employs only the DJ artists who possess extensive creative and professional skills.

Hiring a DJ for weddings is instead a modern alternative for music requirements. However, it has quickly become popular among all age groups because of its energetic beats and tempo. The authentic remixes of your favourite songs uplift the atmosphere of the room. Each of the Greek wedding DJ Sydney is equipped with the required skills and music knowledge to fuse modernised classic Greek hits into an upbeat track without making it sound too unauthentic.

An MC will ensure that nobody is left out of the fun on your big day by constantly interacting with the wedding guests. The Greek MC will closely work with the groom and bride to ensure a smooth reception. As the bride or a groom, you don’t need to worry about the reception details. It’s your big day, and it is justified for you to sit back and relax. The MC is well versed in English and Greek to make room for effortless conversations. You can rely on the MC to make your wedding reception unforgettable.

Live bands never go out of style

Although modern ways such as DJs and MC have taken over a considerable part of the wedding culture, live bands still hold a significant value in the industry. Everybody likes an old-school wedding reception, where a dynamic band is playing all their live hits, and everyone on the dance floor is swaying to the music. The feel of listening to a live band is phenomenal. To ensure that you are given this experience, the firm offers you a chance to get a live Greek band on your big day. The band consists of some of the best Greek wedding performers and is hugely in sync to create a musical treat for your wedding.

Along with personalising the music for you, you are free to request the band to play your favorite Greek songs at the wedding. Overall, the band is friendly and talented, but also a professional bunch and has significantly gained optimistic reviews from previous clients. The groovy beats of classical and modern beats combined will surely get your wedding guests and you off your beats to dance to their lively music. You can opt for the band to play your Greek wedding entrance music too.

Why should you hire My Bouzouki Player Sydney?

Besides our excellent range of quality services, there are other reasons why My Bouzouki Player Sydney is the best Greek wedding entertainment in Sydney. Here are some perks of hiring us that may pique your interest.

Talented artists

If music is a language, then the artists are interpreters of this language. They create, enhance, and make sense out of random beats. Thus, as a Greek wedding entertainment company in Sydney, they hire only highly skilled and qualified artists. For instance, Tommy Tsonis, the outstanding bouzouki player Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, and other cities abroad, come in to play live on your special day.

Other than Tommy Tsonis, there are other talented artists who contribute their strong vocals, ingenious drum beats, and other musical skills to make a wonderful Greek band. Get ready with your blue suede shoes on, because once the musicians start playing, you can’t help but dance to their beat.

Tailor-made services

My Bouzouki Player Sydney has quite a standard list of services that they offer to each of their clients. So what makes them unique from the rest of Greek entertainment Sydney companies? Well, to give a fitting reply to that question, My Bouzouki Player Sydney offers a tailor-made program for each of our clients. Similar to how the bride wants her wedding dress to be unique, the wedding entertainment should also keep up to uniqueness.

My Bouzouki Player Sydney will consult with you and your family to better understand how to cater to your needs. According to your budgets, preferences, audience size, etc., we will ask our artists to personalise the music for your wedding. It adds to the thrill in the atmosphere and gives a sense of personal touch.

Professional execution

On your wedding day, delays are one thing that you can’t afford. Everything is set in order and time, and disruption of the schedule can lead to serious wedding blunders. On such a sensitive day, you need to be surrounded by people you can trust and depend upon. As a company, My Bouzouki Player does that for you.

One of their chief goals is to make your wedding day pleasant and convenient. This means you can depend upon them to follow through all the discussed wedding music plans – no last-minute cancelation of the band, DJ, MC, or any other hired service for your Greek wedding Sydney. The artists are every bit of professional as they are creative. The entire wedding and reception will go as planned. On the artist’s end, you’re assured of a complete punctual and professional yet friendly behaviour.

Engaged audience

A wedding is a day on which everybody’s happiness holds a significant value. Be it the bride, the groom, the in-law families, or the wedding guests; it is imperative that everybody finds themselves having a good time. As a bride or the groom, you would rather want to spend your time dancing with your loved one than taking care of your guests. Hence, our special MCs do that job for you.

There’s no need to overstress yourself as the MC will handle all operations from start to end. They are consistently interacting with the wedding guests so that they feel included in the wedding. The musicians also strike casual conversations and engage the guests through their weddings. This way, a constant atmosphere filled with love, laughter, and life is maintained. Remember, happy wedding guests lead to a successful wedding reception.

Gained expertise

For a company that has been in the Greek entertainment industry for about 25 years, you can say that it has gained mastery over specific industry elements. They are well-connected with other major companies in the field and are also a favourite choice among artists. They know how to deliver performances in an efficient manner. With their immense expertise, you are to benefit from top-notch quality services to their consumers. 

Diversity in genres

Generally, an entertainment company or the live band specializes in a single genre only. This can lead to fewer variations in the type of music playing at your wedding, and repeated genre music can become even boring for you or the guests. Therefore, you need a band that will spice things up with their knowledge in multiple music genres.

My Bouzouki Player Sydney offers artists who specialize in Greek, Lebanese, and English music genres. This will, sure enough, capture and maintain the audience’s attention. You can choose from fun bongo beats to enthralling Zaffet drums, authentic Greek Bands, and so on. Pick one or pick all and make your wedding day no less magical than La La Land.

In conclusion

Several elements, for example, wedding dress, catering services, venue decor, and more influence your wedding day to make it phenomenal. Entertainment is one such factor that can take things up by a notch. My Bouzouki Player Sydney is an incredible Greek wedding company that provides its services throughout major Australian cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, and Adelaide.

Through the years of providing services for weddings and corporate events, they have gained a lot of experience and trust as a company. They continue to exceed all of their client’s expectations through their services and have gained a lot of loyal customers. The entire brand’s reputation is built on its client’s satisfaction and pleasant experience. You can check out their official website and choose a suitable service for yourself!

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