Tommy Tsonis Greek wedding bouzouki player Sydney

Bouzouki Player Sydney

Greek Wedding Bouzouki Player Sydney

The best Greek wedding bouzouki player in Sydney entertaining you and your guests live.

Love creating atmosphere on a couple big day. We provide the option of one bouzouki player in Sydney or if you would like additional entertainment, we can assist with that as well.

In Sydney, having a Greek bouzouki player at your wedding has become a luxury that both the couples and their guests can not do without.

Being a Greek bouzouki player in Sydney is a something that I would trade for anything else in the world. It started off as a dream, it quickly became a part of my life and now I am honored to have been preferred by 1000’s of couples both here and overseas.

A bouzouki player in Sydney has the ability to add life to any party.

Tommy has been a bouzouki player in Sydney for may years.



bouzouki player sydney


Sydney Bouzouki Player

Tommy Tsonis ( Bouzouki player Sydney ) has been playing the Bouzouki since he was seven and has played live since he was ten years old. His love for the bouzouki, persistence to better himself through endless hours of practice has managed to gain him the respect and admiration of well known musicians, singers and artist locally and internationally.

Our Bouzouki player has played with international Greek singers such as  Ploutarhos, Vardis, Tsalikis, Xanthoitis, Hristodoulopoulos, Tzoumas and Aggelopoulos to name a few.

Tommy has also played at some of the most well known bouzoukia / clubs in Athens which include Asteria , Posidonio, Romeo and many more in Greece.

In Australia, Tommy has performed at the official ceremony for the start of the torch relay for the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Other official events include numerous Greek festivals and concerts. From house parties to upmarket venues all around Australia.

My bouzouki shows are like no other.  Highly regarded and spoken about, my bouzouki show will be one of the many highlights on your special day.

So keep in mind that the next time you need a bouzouki player in Sydney, Tommy will be able to assist you with all you queries and requirements.

Tommy Tsonis is regarded as Sydney bouzouki player and international leading live bouzouki player.

Tommy Tsonis is regarded by many as Australia’s leading bouzouki player.Over the years Tommy Tsonis has performed at various corporate and private events around Australia.
His personalised bouzouki show’s are always spoken about at wedding’s, engagements parties and even festivals.

Contact Tommy Tsonis today and make your next function one to remember.

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