Greek Bands

Greek Bands

Greek Bands

No matter what the theme of a party or event is, music sets its tone.

A romantic jazz group will fit right in a wedding but for a professional meeting? Not so much. If you are arranging a function and the choices of music and bands have left your mind reeling, then you have reached the right place. Whether you need to ramp up the fervor of a graduation party or want to sway to some soft tunes at a wedding, the diversity of Greek music covers it all. Greek music is an amalgamation of western and eastern culture that brings traditional and modern music elements together.

The G in a Great Party is for Greek. Greek wedding entertainment has soared in popularity in recent years due to its versatility and the way it can fit in any situation. When arranging a wedding or party, you always have an image in your mind. The scenic beauty of a bride walking down an aisle, the euphoric moment of sharing your promises, the tender dance as an official couple, all these moments can be enhanced with music that resonates with them. And the tunes of a bouzouki, bongos, and other traditional Greek instruments can be the perfect background music for your special moments.

Spread some color in your function with the diversity of a Greek band. Hiring a professional band will ensure that you do not have to worry about the performances or the timing of the events. My Bouzouki Player Sydney is one of the most experienced and versatile Greek bands for hire that can make your dream wedding or function come to life. The band has trained entertainers that need no cue from your side. These professionals can work their magic no matter what the situation is, leaving you free to enjoy your auspicious day.

My Bouzouki Player Sydney is led by Tommy Tsonis. With a vast experience of 20 years, Tommy Tsonis has spent his life dedicated to Greek wedding entertainment and music. You can rest assured that your guests will be entertained when he and his bandmates are on the stage.

Bring the Night Alive with a Greek Band

One cannot blame you if you want your event to be the talk of the town for days to come. It took days, even months, for you to make the arrangements so that everything aligns perfectly on the D-Day. The most disheartening thing in such cases will be failing to charm the guests. What you need is to bring uniqueness to your event that can make an immediate impact.

In the world of trends, things become monotonous. When you get a regular DJ to play the songs that have been played thousands of times at thousands of weddings, what happens is that your wedding fails to make an impression. Events like weddings, corporate meetings, get-togethers, engagement ceremonies are all about creating memories. To make these memories even more special and memorable, you need to make different choices from the crowd. How? Well, let’s start with the life of the party, music. Hiring a Greek band comes with plenty of benefits. Here are some of them.

  • Unique: Are you tired of listening to the same playlist being played at every wedding? A Greek band brings fresh music that is not only new to the ears but also is catchy enough to win anyone’s heart in seconds. The refreshing mix of traditional instruments and rock elements gives it a unique sound that is hard to forget. It will surely make a lasting impression on your guests, no matter what the occasion.
  • Versatile: Do you need a calming BGM that goes well with the wine? Or maybe you are arranging an engagement ceremony and want something upbeat yet romantic. You name the event and your needs; Greek music has an option for all. With instruments like a bongo, drums, bouzouki, clarion, etc. a Greek band can create a plethora of music of different kinds.
  • Quirky: Music does not have a language. Hiring a Greek band can be an ideal option for you when you want to make a statement. Greek music is peculiar and quirky, yet enjoyable to the masses. Bring diversity to your event with an authentic Greek band for hire.

Range of Services Offered by My Bouzouki Player Sydney

My Bouzouki Player Sydney specializes in one thing: making the most important day of a couple the most memorable and beautiful day. We offer various services to fulfill this aim. Check out the range of our services that can revamp the function you are planning and charm the pants off of your guests.

My Bouzouki Player Sydney

Make an impression upon your guests that will last for a long time. It is not wrong to dream that any function or occasion that you are celebrating never falls short of perfection. Hiring professionals is the sure-shot way to make sure that you and your guests have an unforgettable time. The decoration might be the first impression, but the thing that makes your guests awestruck is music and entertainment. Tommy Tsonis and My Bouzouki Player Sydney ooze a natural charisma on the stage that can keep the audience attracted and entertained for hours. Be it a corporate event or a homely engagement party, the Greek band knows how to customize their music and sound as per your taste and occasion.

Greek Wedding Entrances

The biggest dream of a bride is always to make the groom cry when she enters the wedding hall. Those tears of happiness and awe on everyone’s face can be a dream come true with Bouzouki Player Sydney. You can even personalize the event and the music of the function the way you want it. You can have your film-star moment exactly as you imagined it by hiring us. A Greek Band such as My Bouzouki Player Sydney offers a multitude of talents that can meet your needs seamlessly. Especially if you are planning to have a Greek wedding, Bouzouki Player Sydney will be the perfect companion to bring refreshing originality and authenticity to it with our expertise in Zaffet, Bouzouki, Clarino, and other pure Greek instruments.

Live Greek Bands

Ever thought of having a Greek rock concert at your party? It is a universal truth that people get more excited about live music as compared to recorded music such as DJ. If you want to show off your exquisite music taste and style, then hiring a live Greek band will be the best option. Our band possesses a plethora of talent. Not only can they bring the crowd alive with the harmony of musical instruments such as drums, bongo, bouzouki, but also, they can create an otherworldly aura with their impeccable live vocals. The bandmates are experienced entertainers that can captivate the audience with their music and magnetic stage presence.

Bongo and Greek DJ

What party is complete without some crazy dancing? With the professional Greek entertainers of Bouzouki Player Sydney, you can ensure that even the shyest and most reluctant ones are forced to match the beat with their steps. Dancing is an art form that goes hand in hand with Greek music since ancient times. And even today, with the beats of bongo or the electronic fusion of traditional bouzouki, no one can stop themselves from dancing a little at the quirky beats of Greek music.

Bouzouki Lessons

Want to put a personal touch to your function? Or perhaps you want to make a last and the most special proposal to your fiancé before you exchange the rings. Whatever your reason might be, you can learn to play bouzouki with customized lessons. You can pick a plan as per your age, experience with musical instruments, and your needs. Our experts will not just guide you through the basics of playing bouzouki but also give you an in-depth understanding of how to exercise your fingers, tuning the instrument, and much more. Get contemporary bouzouki lessons from the legend Tommy Tsonis himself. It is a great way to learn more about Greek culture while becoming a trendsetter in your circle.

Dreamy Venues

Have you ever day-dreamed about having a seaside wedding? You and your partner exchange wedding rings as the sun sets down behind you. Flowers and loved-ones surrounding you as you capture the most beautiful moment of your life. Searching for a venue that fits on with your dreams can be a challenging task. Bouzouki Player Sydney offers a hand-picked range of venues that can be perfect for any occasion. Whether you need small rooms for a meeting or spacious halls for a wedding ceremony, you can find the ideal venue for you in our range. From posh buildings for your corporate events to breath-taking skylines for your wedding, we have it all.

Bring Bouzouki Player Sydney On-Board for your Event

Our plethora of services can woo anyone who is planning an event. Our experienced professionals can stud stars in the sky of your event. Why should you choose us, though? Here are some of the reasons to let you know the benefits of a Greek band.

Experience: The Bouzouki Player Sydney has been spreading the pure joy of Greek music for over 25 years. Our crew of Greek entertainers possesses an inane appeal that is hard to resist. We are attuned to your needs, whether it’s a wedding or a professional event, and strive to address them so that your event can be an impeccable one. We have honed our skills in these 25 years with constant hard work and the support and appreciation of our customers.

Wide range of services: Yes, we will make this point one more time. It is our biggest strength, after all. Bouzouki Player Sydney can fit in any event. Whether you want something soothing and emotional for your wedding entrance, a perfect DJ to bring oomph to your party, or light-hearted music that can set the mood for your corporate event, we can nail it all.

Personalization: How many professional bands agree to personalize their performance as per your requests? Not many. But we at Bouzouki Player Sydney believe in the satisfaction and happiness of our customers. It is your big day, after all. That is why we provide the option to customize our performance that aligns with your vision and dreams.

Ambiance: If music sets the mood, the lightings create the perfect ambiance. No one likes harsh lighting during a wedding entrance or a soothing pink light with the DJ playing. We ensure perfection is not just in our music skills but also in the lightings. We always ensure that the lights and sound are working perfectly so that there is no blemish on your event whatsoever.

Tommy Tsonis – The Face of the Bouzouki Players Sydney

Tommy Tsonis has marked his place in the world of Greek music and entertainment in the last 20 years of his career. He has been working tirelessly to hone his music skills to spread the love for Greek music in the world. It will not be wrong to call him a child prodigy, with his skills with the bouzouki evident when he first picked it up at the age of seven.

Today, Tommy Tsonis has performed at more than 5000 events held across the world, including his unforgettable performance in the Torch Relay Ceremony of The Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.

His expertise lies in bringing a perfect wedding ceremony to life as per the wishes of the bride and groom. When he is on the stage, no one can deny his stage presence and charm that entrances you in the soothing music of the strings of the bouzouki.

So, what are you thinking about? Grab this once in a lifetime chance and get one of the best Greek bands to hire in Sydney. Turn your event into a music fest that enchants your audience and ensures the complete success of your event. Once the highly professional and experienced team of Bouzouki Players Sydney is on the stage, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ethereal music. Make a booking now, whether it’s a wedding ceremony, engagement party, corporate event, or anything else. Bouzouki Players Sydney has a musical and lyrical solution to all.

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